Jul 23

Complete PC Tune-Up (HOT!)

Tune-Up Includes:

  • Install all necessary Security and Recommended Windows Updates from Microsoft

  • Update all hardware drivers and software

  • Testing all hardware for conflicts or imminent failure

  • Clean and defragment Windows Registry, delete unused registry entries

  • Optimize startup and disable unnecessary programs

  • Cleanup desktop and taskbar of unused icons and shortcuts

  • Blow dust and dirt and grime out of internal hardware components to keep system running cool and quiet!

A complete tune-up can greatly enhance both the usability and speed of your computer, along with increasing it’s lifespan.  Send me a message today!

Jul 23

Is your computer too slow?

They say computers double in speed every 18 months.  This is awesome, if you have the cash to buy a new computer every 18 months.  They didn’t mean your computer.  Your computer will just get slower.  It just how it works.  As technology advances, both hardware and software is updated.  The software you use every day requires updates, the server you are connected to when you’re browsing your favorite website gets hardware upgrades, while your computer sits stagnant and just can’t keep up.  This can become especially bad when you don’t keep up with preventative maintenance or complete any upgrades yourself.  Besides that, your computer can become bogged down with software or files and your hard drive fills up or becomes fragmented.  Your system has to work harder to find the files it’s looking for to run the stuff you want it to run.  It can also be a lack of memory – hard drive space (storage for files) and memory (RAM) – are two different things altogether.  You might have a ton of drive space, more than you’ll ever use, but you could be lacking the necessary RAM to run more than one or two programs at once.  As software is updated, generally it starts to consume more of both.  Eventually you start running out of one or the other.  For most people, they have plenty of storage, but a lot don’t have enough memory.  The standard right now is 8 gigabytes of RAM, and a whole lot of you are still sitting on half that.  RAM is an inexpensive upgrade as far as computer upgrades go (say $50-$100, depending on the computer).

Other things that can be done to speed up your computer is deleting unnecessary files, prioritizing and optimizing the files and software you do need, or stopping certain programs from starting when you turn on the computer.  Malware (the Virus’ little brother) can also cause slow downs.  Malware generally comes in the form of sneaky advertising software that’s installed secretly while you’re installing the programs you do want to use.  It hides in the background, causing a lot of pop-up advertisements while you’re browsing the web, and you just think that’s the way it is.  It’s not.  Malware can be avoided (mostly).  Your computer can be cleaned up and made to run better than it was, and in most cases you won’t need to do a hardware upgrade like having more RAM installed – although if you have 4 gigabytes or less, I’d still suggest it.

So if your computer is running like a poor puppy with a broken paw, let me know.  I’m sure there’s something we can do to fix it.

Jul 22

Did you get a virus?

Getting a virus can be scary.  Some viruses give no warning, they just slowly start corrupting your personal files and data until they’ve done enough damage to stop your system working altogether and make it impossible for you to recover anything later. Some require a specific virus remover.

Some so-called viruses will hijack your web browser and pretend as if they’re the ones that found the virus.  It will pop up, looking all professional, and give you a phone number to call so the hacker can then access your computer and “clean” the virus out, but not until you give them a credit card so they can charge you a few hundred bucks to do it.  There’s also a new type of virus out there, called a “crypto” virus, they’re all over the news right now.  These will actually encrypt all of your files until you contact them and pay them an undisclosed sum of money for them to send you what you need to decrypt your files.  This can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, and there is no way of cleaning it without actually paying the money.

The good news is, you can be protected against these viruses.  In most cases your computer already has some level of virus protection installed, whether you know it or not.  Usually these free anti-virus programs are enough and will take care of the most common viruses out there.

If you do get a virus, I can help clean it out for you.  If you have anti-virus software already, I can make sure it’s operating properly and also install free supplemental software that will increase your protection.  While I wouldn’t be able to promise you’d still never be infected (if someone tells you that, they’re lying), I can make sure you have the best protection you can have at the lowest cost possible (usually, free).

So, please, give me a call or use the CONTACT form, and I will get back to you as soon as I can to help you out.

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