Hardware & Peripheral Installation

Get a new printer and want to get it on your wireless network?  Maybe you bought a new video game, but your video card just isn’t up to par so you bought a new one, but you’re not sure how to install it or configure it.  Invested in one of those big IPS monitors and you don’t know which input you should use or how you should set the resolution?  Smart devices, network connected phones and tablets, smart watches, fitness gear, video game systems; I can help you with all of your upgrading and installation needs!

Just so you know, I generally do not have a stock of products.  I do keep some common items around (hard drives, memory) for smaller upgrades or repairs, but I usually order what I need when I need it and can get it within a day or two.

Here’s a list of the most common items I install, by no means is this complete.  If you have something you want done, let me know!

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