Hours, Pick-Up & Delivery

So, because I work a full-time job on top of running this little business, I just don’t have the time or resources to keep an open office.

To make up for that, as long as you’re in my local area I offer free pick-up and delivery within five miles of Tyngsboro, MA.  Most of my time is spent in Tyngsboro, although you’ll also find me in Nashua, Chelmsford, and all the places in between.  Most people are more comfortable dropping their equipment off to me or meeting somewhere; that’s fine also.

I usually prefer doing most work in my home office.  This will guarantee I’ll have everything I need to complete the work efficiently.  There also tends to be a lot of down time in computer work, especially software and virus/malware cleaning, where I click a few things, adjust some settings, tell it to start a scan… and wait.  Some of these scans can take hours, and I think it would be preferable to both you and I if I weren’t sitting there like a lump looking like I’m not doing anything.

If you’d prefer I do work on site, that can be arranged, and sometimes things (usually internet related) absolutely must be done on site anyway.  We figure that out as we go.

I’m available most nights and weekends, and I don’t mind picking up your equipment early morning before work and dropping it off the same evening if I’m able to get everything done.  I also do like the occasional day off, but I almost always respond to emails and voice messages the same day.

Contact me, I’m pretty flexible.