Jul 23

Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets

So, as far as software goes, laptops are generally identical to desktops.  Y0u install software and configure programs the same way you would any other computer.

Hardware repair is a little different.  In general terms, installing memory (RAM), hard drives (storage) and most external devices is the same.

I can also replace most laptop screens.  I say most because there are a few that are just designed to be impossible for a third party as you need special tools and other considerations, so there are some I just won’t touch.  Alienware is one, anything Apple/Mac is another, and beyond that I would just need the manufacturer and model information so I can do a little research before taking on the job.

Smartphones and tablets I do on a case-by-case basis.  I won’t mess with Apple products, I’m not a certified Apple technician and there’s just too much that can go wrong during a screen replacement, sorry about that.

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