About Joe

Hi!  I’m Joe.  So, about me and what I do here… I’ve been involved with residential computer repair and software support for over 20 years, both working for myself and other companies.  I’ve also supported many businesses of all sizes in just about every aspect of the industry.  While I do have a full-time position out of town doing just that, my company is focused on providing truly affordable and quality computer repair service to residents and smaller businesses in my local area.

I began my career in computing right out of high school working for a local internet service provider as a helpdesk technician.  After that I was field technician designing and installing network cabling infrastructures for commercial and industrial companies.  A lot of that became a lot of the same every day, and it got boring.  I like solving problems, coming up with solutions someone else may not have thought of, figuring things out.

I just like fixing stuff, and I really like doing it for other people.  Getting paid for it is a nice bonus, though.

As far as my personal life goes, I have a beautiful girlfriend named Victoria, and an awesome cat named Harvey.  I’m a certified nutritionist, currently studying to be a personal trainer, so I enjoy working out and sometimes you will see me running on the roads near Main St. in Leominster near where I live. A lot of my free time is spent researching new technology, watching science fiction on television, cooking, taking care of my garden, and a bunch of the other boring stuff that everyone does.

For my next trick, I will be putting up a new website for the healthy-minded, helping to design workout and diet plans. If you’re into that, check back, or shoot me an email from here and we can talk about it.


Have a great day!



p.s. I’m no good at taking selfies.  My apologies.  Everyone else seems to put a picture of themselves up, so I figured I should.  It’s obvious I don’t like it anymore than you do!

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